Check out what other Community Supported Agriculture participants are saying about their farm fresh deliveries.

"We love the variety, the delivery, and the fact that it's organic. We eat more healthfully now and will be sad in November when we have to go back to grocery store produce."

"It was awesome and even my 'picky eater' did not catch the zucchini - thanks for the quick recipes."

"They were wonderful, and our children (5, 3 and 1) ate zucchini for the first time in ages- I don't think it was a coincidence that it wasn't from the grocery store!"

"Protecting our environment and eating healthy make us feel so much better. The produce has forced us to learn more about the vegetables and how to prepare them for our family. Also, knowing that our 4-year-old helps unload the crate gives her great responsibility and understanding of it all. We enjoy the website and the latest pictures of what is happening on the farm. We just wanted to let you know that we are truly enjoying all of your hard work and dedication."

"We have been enjoying your harvest immensely. My son, who is 20 months, has begun to say "delicious," thanks to you. He also has made it known that the broccoli and carrots are his favorite but he won't say no to the kale or spinach either. Mark and I have been enjoying every bite; the herbs have been a great addition to our breads and pasta, oil and butter too. You have made Tuesdays like Christmas for us."

"Things are going well and we are becoming rabbits with the great greens and veggies. We are getting the hang of this."

"It is always fun to have my cooking efforts challenged by things I don't usually buy, like the fresh fennel. This motivated me to try my hand at a risotto recipe using the frehsh bulb and we thought it was great."

"Best part about picking up my stuff is the smell that fills my car for even a short drive home. The arugula I brought home Thursday was intoxicating."

"I have been convinced! I never thought it was possible, but I actually like kale! The recipe on your last newsletter was very good. If possible, would you please take "kale" off my list of things to not include in my crate? "

"Thanks! I owe you a debt of gratitude for introducing me to a yummy way to prepare this super-food!"

" I was happy to find you on the web. I look forward to eating healthier soon!"

" We are already receiving weekly boxes of veggies at the dropoff. We are loving our boxes!! It's like NutritionMom did our shopping - we are eating more veggies than we ever do :)"

" Love those veggies and really appreciate the recipes. You've turned my husband into a good cook! "

" And thanks for such a wonderful assortment of veggies every week. We even tried the fried squash blossoms and the purslane fritters ;-) I've found my kids - ages 6, 7, and 9, are willing to try anything as long as it "came fresh from the farm" - they love seeing what's in the box each week. They were surprised this week to find that the carrot leaves are longer than the carrot itself. We are happy to find that the box has us basing our meals on the available veggies, with a bit of meat to complement, rather than the other way around. "

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