Understanding the billing at Kretschmann Farm

   Sometimes subscribers have a hard time understanding the “bills” we send and the “rolling balance” which we post in the newsletter.  I’ll do my best to explain it here.

  We don’t create invoices which are then paid and off our books.  As you can see from our payment schedule on the signup form, you would normally have just the three payments during the season.  They don’t correspond to any particular boxes of vegetables but to the season as a whole.  You are generally paying ahead.

   Thus, when you sign up, we enter the deposit amount as due.  About mid-May we change that to the sum of the deposit and the June 1 payment.  In mid-August it’s the whole amount for the season.  If we refer to this amount, it’s usually on a line called “Veggies”.   If you have a Light share, the amount for the year will depend on whether you start the first week of the season (thus 13 boxes--$316/yr.), or the second week (12 boxes--$294).  The deposit is the same, and then we roughly split the remaining per season amount but keep the June payment an even amount.

   In mid-May and again in mid-August, we also enter the amount for 3 months of coffee, cheeses... if you order it. 

   Any additional optional items are added, as we have time, after you have received them—like extra berries, potatoes, beans… 

   We keep a running total of all charges and payments for the season (and this is what confuses people).  It’s the best way we can let you know we’ve received your checks and how we came up with the amount due.  So, even though you might have already paid for the box of extra strawberries, it will continue to be referenced when we send a detailed bill.  The “rolling balance” or “amount due” is the total after all charges and all payments.  Remember that sometimes we haven’t yet entered a charge or a check.  Also, any negative amount simply reflects a credit or that you’ve paid ahead. 

  If you’ve missed a box and didn’t want to donate it but to take a credit, we usually change the “veggie” amount in our books at the end of August and again in early December.  If you know you’ll miss a box and send a reduced amount, that’s OK, but remember it won’t balance out until later.  If you send in an amount for something you got extra, it will appear as a credit until we enter those items—usually late August and again in December. 

   We don’t send bills other than at the end of the season, when we send refunds or bills as needed.  This is really the only bill which perfectly corresponds to what you got and what we received.  We’ll mention when normal payments are due in the newsletter. 

   One final note is that our seasonal billing cycle goes from February 1. So January veggie boxes appear with the prior year’s.  (a Jan. 2011 winter box  is part of “due from 2010”, or a prepaid deposit for 2011 paid in Dec. 2010 is listed as $-75 “due from 2010”).

   Hope this makes this clear.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you see an error anytime.  Thanks.

--Don Kretschmann