Kretschmann Farm 2012 Apple Selections


In order of ripening...


Pristine--early yellow sometimes with pinkish blush.  Very juicy mild flavor.  Makes some of the best pies of the season.  Good sauce apple.  Ripens in late July


Williams Pride--Ripens early August.  Large fruit with surprisingly sweet flesh for the earliness.


Redfree--Immediately after Pristine in early August.  Crisp white flesh with extremely red skin. 


Prima--mid to late August.  Crisp, tart variety similar to Summer Rambo.  Red on green to yellow background.  Strong tendency to biennialism.  Favorite apple of the apple maggot, for some reason.


Priscilla--just after Prima.  Smooth, red on yellow background.  I like to describe the flavor as wine-like.


Liberty--early to mid-September.  Main season smooth deep red to purplish color except where shaded.  Crisp, a tad tart, real main season apple flavor. Compared to MacIntosh.


Jonafree--Red with more yellowish flesh.  Slightly later--late September to early October.  Good keeper, great for sauce. Similar to Jonathan


Goldrush--matures early to late November.  Golden color sometimes with pink blush.  Hard as a rock in this time.  Incredible keeper which actually improves into the winter.  Best flavor from Christmas into January!  Still crispy flesh even when wrinkled from storage moisture loss.