The ASC (Agriculture Supported Community) Program !

Food for All-- we used to call this. It's always been part of our mission. Consider that just as CSA says the community supports it's agriculturalists, we feel there's a corresponding duty for the agriculturalists to support the community. We know these are difficult economic times and that, regardless, people still need to eat healthy food. We'd especially like to ensure that young families are not shortchanged nutritionally by lack of good quality fresh produce because of economic hardship.

The bottom line is that weve got our seed bought and paid for, our fields will be ready to plant in due time, well grow the food, and we expect someone to eat it. We're not about to throw it away, after all that. We will have no one going hungry or deprived of fresh local nutritious produce as long as we have it. Weve always given the option that when subscribers are away on vacation they can donate the box . Weve also given free shares to folks who want and will use the veggies but cannot afford it. Well continue this. But also, assuming that most families in difficulty can afford to pay something, wed like to spread out the benefits to even more people by offering a sliding scale to those who are struggling. Well be happy to come to an agreement and continue to serve all eaters. Please dont hesitate to contact us in this confidential way. We really mean it! We've never turned anyone down.

Kretschmann Farm Signup Form

For more information contact:
Don or Becky Kretschmann
257 Zeigler Rd.
Rochester, PA 15074

(724) 452-7189



We can't forget:

Kids need healthy food to become who they were meant to be.

Lifelong eating habits are acquired at a young age. They'll ever remember those tasty good things from the earth given them by loving parents.

Food horizons once expanded and connected to the earth will always put them in good stead, healthy of body and spirit.